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You're Good Enough Now!

  • Are you feeling stuck or paralyzed in your progress?

  • Do you  believe change is not possible for you?

  • Has life kicked your self confidence to the curb?

  • Is your spiritual life in need of a reboot?

  • Are you happy?

Kurt Cottrell Training is the solution!



  • I'm Kurt, founder of Kurt Cottrell Coaching/ Training. My passion and purpose for coaching is to help individuals overcome feeling stuck, fearful, or hopeless.  

  • From a young age my dad introduced me to the concept of positive thinking. In spite of this knowledge, like many of you, my life has been bombarded with negative experiences. At times, these experiences challenged my efforts to maintain a positive mental attitude. Fortunately, my dad's early influence motivated me to continue my life-long study of positivity. I would love to share these concepts and tools with you. We can begin today to break the mental chains that hold you captive.

  • I've worked with  hundreds of people over the years. My objective is to help people change their thought processes in order to change their actions and outcomes.

Balanced Rocks

Master Yourself and Be the Best You Can Be!

Lets work together to find happiness

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Feeling Lost?
I Can Help You Find Your Way!


Kurt Cottrell Coaching/Training 

Red Mountain

We may convince ourselves that designed changes in our life can't occur until we find a new job, lose some weight, get in or out of a relationship, etc. However, it's my belief, you're good enough now! No more waiting! You can start today, to access inner peace and the courage to live an abundant and hope filled life.

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